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  • Managing Behaviour in the Workplace: Topic 6 - Cultivate a growth mindset for peak performance

Managing Behaviour in the Workplace: Topic 6 - Cultivate a growth mindset for peak performance

This activity is presented by NeuroCapability. 

This activity provides an introduction to the concept of ‘Growth Mindset’ and how this knowledge can transform performance.   We will explore how mindset is key to behaviour, learning, performance and innovation, highlighting the possibilities of changing mindsets through focus and attention.  

Topics can be purchased individually or as a 7-part series, Managing Behaviour in the Workplace.


This practical session will share how developing a growth mindset creates motivation, innovation and productivity in the world of work. We will explore why mindset isn’t fixed, the concept of neuroplasticity, and apply practical strategies to foster a growth mindset for yourself and your team.

Learning Outcomes

Upon satisfactory completion of this activity you will be able to:

  • Differentiate between a fixed and growth mindset, how we measure mindset, and the consequences of the two mindsets.
  • Understand the impact growth mindset has on performance, productivity, behaviour and innovation.
  • Apply strategies to foster a growth mindset.


Understand the concept of neuroplasticity and that your IQ or ability to learn is not fixed. Develop an understanding of how your mindset influences your interpretation of day-to-day experiences and participate in a short mindset assessment.  You will also be provided with tools and strategies to support the development of a growth mindset.

*NB: Purchase of this topic includes access to the complimentary Foundation module 'Who's driving your behaviour? You or your brain?' This module focuses on how to improve interaction and performance in the workplace through an understanding of how the brain drives behaviour and influences responses to its environment.


Topic: People & Leadership

Sub-Topic: Personal Effectiveness

Format: Recorded Webinar

Proficiency Level: Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced

CPD: Upto 1 hours