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Stick the landing with your marketing: How to grow your client base like a real brand

As a 'switched-on' firm, you know what you do well—whether it's your USP, your differentiating proposition, your competitive edge—or even just your segments and niches. You've also probably spent good money exploring your purpose, your values, and what drives your performance—it's been a staple of marketing consulting for a decade. But has it ever really impacted your audience?

Have you ever really developed a brand voice that delivers on all that work? Like most firms, you've likely been left with a bunch of feelgood marketing-speak that always aspires to matter, but never inspires what really matters—your audience!


In this webinar we'll cover:

• How did it all go wrong?

• How could you be getting it right?

• How to impact new audiences

• How to say more with less You'll come out clear on why your old marketing feels like walking through mud, and how your new marketing can feel like sticking the landing.


Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this masterclass, participants should be able to:

• Explain how to develop a strong brand voice

• Understand how to impact new audiences

• Explore how to say more with less

• Recognise a new marketing approach leading to better quality leads

Sonya Vanjicki

Director, Hunt & Hawk

Sonya has an eagle eye for great marketing and a sixth sense for brand positioning. She's an industry goto for digital marketing, brand strategy, website solutions, and bringing it all together with lead generation. Sonya has worked alongside some of the industry's most sort after thought-leaders and, through her marketing, has helped generate tens of millions of dollars for professional bodies, services firms and ASX listed FinTech's globally—the best bit? She does it all with care, style and integrity.

Jay Chubb

Brand Expert, Hunt & Hawk

Jay's a brand and website specialist copywriter—he helps businesses use big ideas and small words to say everything that counts to everyone who matters. Jay brings a mix of listening, strategy and creative execution that used to be locked up by the big advertising agencies. He helps brands from all over the world and from all sectors—including accountants and fintech brands globally. Jay's been writing since he could write and writing professionally since he could be legally employed.

Chair: Deanne Firth


Topic: Business Mindset, People & Leadership

Sub-Topic: Business Planning & Analysis, Strategy

Format: Recorded Webinar

Proficiency Level: Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced

CPD: Upto 1.5 hours